Bob Cranshaw im Gespräch

Ethan Iverson hat ein ziemlich ergiebiges Interview mit Sonny Rollins Bassisten Bob Cranshaw (81) geführt. Weiter nach dem Klick.

I don’t care to solo, although I enjoy hearing other bass players solo. My thing is playing time. I’m a groove merchant. I like to set a pocket.
I know there are guys who solo and play their asses off. I appreciate it, but it was never my thing. I don’t hear that kind of thing. I hear the bottom of the chord. It was easy for me to play. (…)
Sonny said when he changed keys and I went with him, I became his bass player because he felt like he could do whatever he wanted to do and I was there. I’m a supportive player. I don’t have to be the star of anything. I just like playing with people.

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